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Robert Webeck of Turramurra passed away the night of 1 January 2010 as a result of complications after surgery. He had a condition known as Barret's Oesophagus, which was discovered because he had trouble swallowing, and was later confirmed to be cancerous. Robert had been in intensive care for some three weeks after the surgery, having had some setbacks, but appeared to be making a recovery. Unfortunately, a new critical situation presented itself on Friday evening, and after hours of emergency treatment there was nothing more that doctors could do to save him. He passed away peacefully with his wife by his side.

Friends and colleagues are invited by his family to gather to remember the good times at his home on Saturday 09 January 2010. RSVP by email to for details.

A forum has been created to share stories and anecdotes, jokes, trivia, and the like.

An article written by Terry Ingram was published in the Sydney Morning Herald: Robert Webeck, 1947 - 2010: Straight-talking, ingenious art dealer (The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 21 January 2010, p20). The part reading "He died during an operation for cancer of the oesophagus" is incorrect; he died about three weeks after that surgery, as mentioned above.

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Photo of Robert in his beach buggy